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My interest and insights have changed over the years, things are not what they used to be, things are not what they really seem to be, life is much more than what we perceive it to be, my blog is my attempt to understand and share some of my thoughts that are expressible. Happily married, mother of two amazing little people...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Are you bothered like I am??

Sometimes, I just wonder who I am?? Can you tell my why I was created?? Whats the purpose of this life??
Where will I go after I die??
Are you bothered or worried? Do you have any answers??
Sometimes I wish I had a simple life just like a rock or a tree, serve a purpose and fades away, or a bird that flies so freely and happily without a sorrow!
But GOD thanks to you still, you know why you created me, and you did it for a reason, a purpose, the answer im still going to find as I go through life each day.....
Thank you indeed, im grateful....