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My interest and insights have changed over the years, things are not what they used to be, things are not what they really seem to be, life is much more than what we perceive it to be, my blog is my attempt to understand and share some of my thoughts that are expressible. Happily married, mother of two amazing little people...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New year!

Mid February of a brand new year! How time is going by!
I'm deeply saddened by the senseless shooting of the three young American Muslims in their home.
How horrible is it that you can kill someone just because of how they look or what they believed in...
Also, a reminder that we all will die, show me someone who is immune from dying??
What is important is how much prepared are we for the next world.
As Muslims we are aware of what we should be doing in this world in order to prepare for the next.
I pray that we all live in peace and harmony with each other, win people over with love and kindness like our prophet thought us to.
Let truth, peace and love reign