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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Did you really ever thought about it?

I was reading an article about artificial insemination today..
I was shocked to learnt that more than 30,000 kids are born each year through this way.
Kids who will never know their dad.
Its kinds strange in a way.. A sperm donor donates his sperms, and have no idea who will benefit..Donor just trying to make someone happy, make someone's life; thats great indeed!
What I find somewhat strange is that the sperm from one donor might be used to impregnate several women.. which technically means the man have several kids! and those kids have several sibblings..
Sperm donors have rights to anonymity and will not be obligated to care for any child who may be conceived through artificial insemination with his sperms..
Now it have an organisation that help to unite kids who are half sibblings, and maybe even their biological father. Its now a daily event that people are united.Some united as kids, or when they are much older. Can you imagine, some might even be dating their half sibbling??
I think its just messed up...
What do you guys think about this?

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Beenzzz said...

The dating of a half sibling is messed up! EWWWWW!

Princess Jibi said...

wow, i never thought about this...
that is so crazy, marrying your half sibling...