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My interest and insights have changed over the years, things are not what they used to be, things are not what they really seem to be, life is much more than what we perceive it to be, my blog is my attempt to understand and share some of my thoughts that are expressible. Happily married, mother of two amazing little people...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sometimes certain things happen in our lives that we least expected, and sometimes the special people in our lives, from whom we do not expect the unexpected, do stuff and change in such a way that it hurts a lot and we never forget those moments in our lives. When all this happen we are totally shocked as we never expected, sometimes we really feel sad!! , all thatmakes us us happy , do not excite us any more, in other words it appears like Life has come to a halt and it will never move ahead. But after some time when life gets on track again, we start moving on. But still those moments, those situations and those special people remain somewhere in our mind and heart, and when we recall them, we feel sad, and we again get upset and pray to GOD that these things never again happen in our life and we wish that those days and those friends and special people could come back again, or never to be seen again in our lives.
We always get to learn from these situations. We do not have anything in our hands ever , we can not change anything even if we want to, as some things are controlled by a Power , which we have never seen , but just felt......, and we are helpless in front of that Power called GOD. But it is said that what ever God does is for our benefit..., and keeping all this in mind we keep on moving.
But certain things are in our hands,sometimes we can stop those friends and special friends of ours and can make them realize about the changes and the situations. Never let any misunderstanding arise and be true to all relations from heart. So never let your special friends move out of your life, try everything to keep them with you, else if they are gone, we repent for whole life. Let the bad ones go.
And do not count what you have lost. Just see what you have now, because past never comes back but sometimes the Future can give us back our lost things.
I do not know what I have written, I had some thing in my mind which I have learned from this world and LIFE and I tried to convert that into words. But why does life keep teaching me lessons , I Have No Desire To Learn........


Princess Jibi said...

when you find the answer to this question make sure u fill me in.. right now my only question is why do people keep offering me chocolate cant the see am gaining weight?? and who can refuse chocolate??? i think the are out to get me.. mom says she misses you too... Niaaz says wow you remember his birthday... and Mamoo says shit me na call a gal long.. she must be say she mamoo forget her... but if she know how much me busy..

beenzzz said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love having connection with fellow Guyanese!